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Sura 87 of the Qur'an

By Vexen Crabtree 2013


Title: Al-Ala
English: The Most High
Location: Makkah

Traditional Order:
< Sura 86 (At-Tariq - The Morning Star)
> Sura 88 (Al-Ghashiya - The Overwhelming)

Chronological Order:
< Sura 81 (At-Takwir - The Overthrowing)
> Sura 92 (Al-Lail - The Night)

Verses: 19

1Magnify the Name of thy Lord the Most High
2who created and shaped,
3who determined and guided,
4who brought forth the pasturage
5then made it a blackening wrack.
6We shall make thee recite, to forget not
7save what God wills; surely He knows what is spoken aloud and what is hidden.
8We shall ease thee unto the Easing.
9Therefore remind, if the Reminder profits,
10and he who fears shall remember,
11but the most wretched shall flout it,
12even he who shall roast in the Great Fire,
13then he shall neither die therein, nor live.
14Prosperous is he who has cleansed himself,
15and mentions the Name of his Lord, and prays.
16Nay, but you prefer the present life;
17and the world to come is better, and more enduring.
18Surely this is in the ancient scrolls,
19the scrolls of Abraham and Moses.