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Sura 86 of the Qur'an

By Vexen Crabtree 2013


Title: At-Tariq
English: The Morning Star
Location: Makkah

Traditional Order:
< Sura 85 (Al-Burooj - The Mansions of the Stars)
> Sura 87 (Al-Ala - The Most High)

Chronological Order:
< Sura 90 (Al-Balad - The City)
> Sura 54 (Al-Qamar - The Moon)

Verses: 17

1By heaven and the night-star!

Sura 86:5-7: See Islam and Science: Errors in the Qur'an and Arab Education: 2. Biology Mistakes.

2And what shall teach thee what is the night-star?
3The piercing star!
4Over every soul there is a watcher.
5So let man consider of what he was created;
6he was created of gushing water
7issuing between the loins and the breast-bones.
8Surely He is able to bring him back
9upon the day when the secrets are tried,
10and he shall have no strength, no helper.
11By heaven of the returning rain,
12by earth splitting with verdure,
13surely it is a decisive word;
14it is no merriment.
15They are devising guile,
16and I am devising guile.
17So respite the unbelievers; delay with them awhile.