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Sura 92 of the Qur'an

By Vexen Crabtree 2013


Title: Al-Lail
English: The Night
Location: Makkah

Traditional Order:
< Sura 91 (Ash-Shams - The Sun)
> Sura 93 (Ad-Dhuha - The Morning Hours)

Chronological Order:
< Sura 87 (Al-Ala - The Most High)
> Sura 89 (Al-Fajr - The Dawn)

Verses: 21

1By the night enshrouding
2and the day in splendour
3and That which created the male and the female,
4surely your striving is to diverse ends.
5As for him who gives and is godfearing
6and confirms the reward most fair,
7We shall surely ease him to the Easing.
8But as for him who is a miser, and self-sufficient,
9and cries lies to the reward most fair,
10We shall surely ease him to the Hardship;
11his wealth shall not avail him when he perishes.
12Surely upon Us rests the guidance,
13and to Us belong the Last and the First.
14Now I have warned you of a Fire that flames,
15whereat none but the most wretched shall be roasted,
16even he who cried lies, and turned away;
17and from which the most godfearing shall be removed,
18even he who gives his wealth. to purify himself
19and confers no favour on any man for recompense,
20only seeking the Face of his Lord the Most High;
21and he shall surely be satisfied.