The Human Truth Foundation

Sura 82 of the Qur'an

By Vexen Crabtree 2013


1When heaven is split open,
2when the stars are scattered,
3when the seas swarm over,
4when the tombs are overthrown,
5then a soul shall know its works, the former and the latter.
6O Man! What deceived thee as to thy generous Lord
7who created thee and shaped thee and wrought thee in symmetry
8and composed thee after what form He would?
9No indeed; but you cry lies to the Doom;
10yet there are over you watchers
11noble, writers
12who know whatever you do.
13Surely the pious shall be in bliss,
14and the libertines shall be in a fiery furnace
15roasting therein on the Day of Doom,
16nor shall they ever be absent from it.
17And what shall teach thee what is the Day of Doom?
18Again, what shall teach thee what is the Day of Doom?
19A day when no soul shall possess aught to succour another soul; that day the Command shall belong unto God.