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Sura 61 of the Qur'an

By Vexen Crabtree 2013


1All that is in the heavens and the earth magnifies God; He is the All-mighty; the All-wise.

Sura 61:11 is referenced on Islam versus Unbelievers: Convert, Subjugate or Die: 1. Muslims Must Face Non-Muslims With Conversion, Subjugation, or Death.

2O you who believe, wherefore do you say what you do not?
3Very hateful is it to God, that you say what you do not.
4God loves those who fight in His way in ranks, as though they were a building well-compacted.
5And when Moses said to his people, 'O my people, why do you hurt me, though you know I am the Messenger of God to you?' When they swerved, God caused their hearts to swerve; and God. guides never the people of the ungodly.
6And when Jesus son of Mary said, 'Children of Israel, I am indeed the Messenger of God to you, confirming the Torah that is before me, and giving good tidings of a Messenger who shall come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad.' Then, when he brought them the clear sig
7And who does greater evil than he who forges against God falsehood, when he is being called unto surrender? And God guides never the people of the evildoers.
8They desire to extinguish with their mouths, the light of God; but God will perfect His light, though the unbelievers be averse.
9It is He who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that he may uplift it above every religion, though the unbelievers be averse.
10O believers, shall I direct you to a commerce that shall deliver you from a painful chastisement?
11You shall believe in God and His Messenger, and struggle in the way of God with your possessions and your selves. That is better for you, did you but know.
12He will forgive you your sins and admit you into gardens underneath which rivers flow, and to dwelling-places goodly in Gardens of Eden; that is the mighty triumph;
13and other things you love, help from God and a nigh victory. Give thou good tidings to the believers!
14O believers, be you God's helpers, as Jesus, Mary's son, said to the Apostles. 'Who will be my helpers unto God?' The Apostles said, 'We will be helpers of God.' And a party of the Children of Israel believed, and a party disbelieved. So We confirmed those who believed against their ene