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Israel (State of Israel)

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Human Rights and Freedom in Israel, in the following sections:

Fundamentalist Judaism and Jewish Terrorism, in the following sections:

The Bahá'í Faith, in the following sections:

Religion, Violence, Crime and Mass Suicide, in the following sections:

Book of Judges (Shofetim), in the following sections:

HarperCollins Book Publishers: Occasional Strategic Falsehoods, in the following sections:

Abrahamic Religions Versus History: The Shared Myths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, in the following sections:

  • 1. The Authorship of the Pentateuch (Definitely Not by Moses)
  • 4.6. Moses and the Exodus: No Historical Evidence

Anti-Semitism, in the following sections:

Judaism, in the following sections:

United States of America: Foreign Aid, in the following sections:

Why People Hate America: A Summary of Anti-Americanism, in the following sections:

The End of the World is Nigh! The Dangers of Apocalyptism and End-Times Beliefs: 7.1. Concerned Christians, Pilgrim House Community, House of Prayer and Solomon's Temple (all in Israel)

Apostasy: Thought Crime in Judaism, Christianity and Islam: 3. Judaism

Time to Move On: Religion Has Cost Too Much: 1.6. Anti-Semitism

Why Question Beliefs? Dangers of Placing Ideas Beyond Doubt, and Advantages of Freethought: 1.1. Beliefs Have Consequences

Yehoshua / Joshua / Josue / Lesous: 2. A Very Problematic Morality

The Islamic Rejection of Human Rights and the Moral Failures of the Muslim World: 2. The Middle East's Performance on Human Rights Compared to the Rest of the World

The Divine Number 12: 12 Gods, 12 Disciples, 12 Tribes and the Zodiac

Religion Versus Womankind: 8. Modern Hope: Secular Society and New Religions

Anti-Semitism: 2000 Years of Christian Love: 1. An Introduction to Anti-Semitism

The Mormons - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: 2. The Book of Mormon and the 1000-Year Lost Tribe of Israel in the USA

Jesus Did Not Exist: 2.6. Jesus and Other God-Men are Personifications of the Sun

Christian Moral Theory and Morality in Action: Biblical Morals and Social Disaster: 7.5.1. The Old Testament

Is Omniscience Possible? Does God Know Everything?: 4.1. Christianity: Times in the Bible When God Doesn't Know All, and Tests People to Find Things Out

Religion and Abolition of the Historical Slave Trade: 3.3. The Old Testament

The Bane of Monotheism: Against Single-God Religions

Single Issue Parties are Dangerous: Against Nationalist and Ethnic Parties: 2. Can Single Issue Parties Govern?

Charity Across the World: 3. The USA

The Fiery Origins of Life on Primordial Earth: 1.2. Organic-Forming Reactions

Can God Lie? Is God Always Truthful in the Christian Bible?: 1. Verses from the Bible in More Detail

Human Rights, Freedom, Tolerance and Equality in Africa: Statistical Comparisons: 6. Anti-Semite Opinions

Human Rights and Freedom in Germany: 1. Politics and Freedom

The Banning of Face Coverings such as the Niqab and Burqa in Europe: 5. Mohammed Merah

Arguments That Jesus Survived the Crucifixion: 3. Graves, Podro, Frazer and Baigent

Religious Extremism: 4. Extremism in Judaism

Organized Judaism and Women: The Source of Prejudice in the Jewish Scriptures/Old Testament: 5. Organized Judaism

Islam and Antisemitism: High Rates of Muslim Racism Against Jews: 2. The Sources of Antisemitism

Endorsement of Violence and Murder in the Old Testament: 4. Judaism

The 12 Disciples: The Christian Take on Ancient Astrology: 1. The Number Twelve in Ancient Religion

Rupert Murdoch and News Corp's Involvements in Politics: 4. HarperCollins: Strategic Falsehoods

Qoheleth / Ecclesiastes: 1. Solomon Did Not Write The Book of Ecclesiastes

Science and Religion: 2. A Dark Ages of the Present: Science in the Muslim Arab World

Melakhim (1st half) / 1 Kings / 3 Kingdoms: 1. The Number Twelve in 1 Kings

Which are the Best Countries in the Middle East?

A List of All Religions and Belief Systems

Palestine (Occupied Palestinian Territory)

Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan): 1. Overview

Ethiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia)

Which Countries Set the Best Examples? (Archived page from 2005-2007)

Jainism: 4.4. The Tirthankaras and the Solar Mythology of the Number 12

Babylon in Sumeria: The Legendary City Known as Babel: 5. Influence on the Jewish Scriptures / Old Testament

Comparing Small Islands on Human Rights, Freedom, Tolerance and Equality: 6. Anti-Semite Opinions

Contradictions in the Bible: 1.2. God is All-Knowing (But Doesn't Know Everything)

What is the Best Country in the World? An Index of Morality, Conscience and Good Life: 3.6. Research & Development

Which Countries Do the Most Research and Development?

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