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Wicca - The Rise of a Western Mystery Religion Based on Witchcraft

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Modern Paganism (Neopaganism), in the following sections:

The New Age, in the following sections:

Counter-Cultural and Alternative New Religious Movements, in the following sections:

Why do People Join New Religious Movements?, in the following sections:

Religion in the United Kingdom: Diversity, Trends and Decline, in the following sections:

The Peacock vs. the Ostrich - Religious Behaviour and Sexuality, in the following sections:

Modern Druids (Neo-Druidism / Neo-Druidry), in the following sections:

God and Pronouns: God has No Gender, in the following sections:

Religion Versus Womankind, in the following sections:

The Battle Between Monotheism and Homosexuality: Religious Prejudice Versus Equality: 1. Traditional Patriarchal Norms Versus New Religious Movements

Single God Religions (Monotheism)

What Causes Religion and Superstitions?: 7. The Causes of New Religious Movements and Alternative Spiritualities

Religion and Intelligence: 3.3. The Exceptions of Minority Religions

Fundamentalism and Literalism in World Religions: 6.3. No-one Captures the Flag: Tolerance for Others' Beliefs in the New Age, Wicca and Modern Paganism

Homocentricity or Anthropocentrism: Why Do Religions Think Humanity Is Central to God and Creation?: 2.4. Of All the Sexual Diversity of Nature, Why is Human Heterosexuality Divinely Sanctioned?

Ethics Of Reciprocity like the Golden Rule and the Wiccan Rede Do Not Work: 1. The Golden Rule: Almost Universal, But Still Dysfunctional

Time to Move On: Religion Has Cost Too Much: 2.2. Religion Versus Womankind

Gender Equality: 5. Religion Versus Womankind

Islam and Women: 12.1. Religion Versus Womankind

Christianity and Women: Biblical Misogyny and Male Dominance: 5. Not Just Christianity: The Unhappy Role of Women in Religion in General

Shamanism: 2. The Sociological Causes of the Rise of Modern Shamanism and Other Pagan NRMs

Spiritualism: 3. The Founding of Spiritualism

Women as Possessions and Objects of Beauty in the Bible

Dictionary List of Different Types of Religion

Problems With Marriage in Islam: From Child Marriages to Male Dominance: 9.2. Religion Versus Womankind

Human Religions

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