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Afghanistan (Islamic State of Afghanistan)

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USA: Supporting Obnoxious Regimes, in the following sections:

Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan): 1. Overview

World Government: Not for 200 Years: 7. Construction of World Government and Existing Supranational Bodies

Evolution and the Unintelligent Design of Life: Inherited Traits, Genetic Dysfunction and Artificial Life: 6.1. The Religious Anti-Evolution Lobby

The Worst of the Modern Mass Media: 4.4. The Embrace of Ignorance

Why People Hate America: A Summary of Anti-Americanism: 2. Why Do People Hate America?
Controversial: A summary of the reasons for hatred of America

The Benefits to the UK of Immigration: 5.1. Xenophobia and the Misinformed Masses

UK Trash Culture: 2.9.1. Immigration

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