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Religion Versus Womankind

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Problems With Marriage in Islam: From Child Marriages to Male Dominance: 9.1. Islam and Women

Wicca - The Rise of a Western Mystery Religion Based on Witchcraft: 2.4. Feminism

Jainism: 4.7. Digambara and Women

Book of Genesis chapter 3: Adam, Eve and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden: 3.0. Genesis 3:1-6 - The Snake Convinces Eve to Eat, and Eve Gives to Her Husband (Misogyny and Christianity)

Islam and Women

Modern Paganism (Neopaganism): 3.1. Gender Equality and Feminism

Christian Mythology: Adam and Eve, and the Serpent, in the Garden of Eden: 2.7. Misogyny in Genesis 3

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