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The Assumptions about God and Creation, of Both Theists and Atheists

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God is Logically Impossible: The Argument for Atheism from Incoherence, in the following sections:

Is God All-Powerful? Can God or Anything Truly Be Omnipotent?, in the following sections:

The Four Dimensions and the Immutability of God, in the following sections:

God Has No Free Will, in the following sections:

The Concept of a Perfect God is Impossible: 2. A Static, Frozen God


God and Goodness: Can a Perfectly Good God Exist? Is God Love?

Is Omniscience Possible? Does God Know Everything?

The Universe Could Not Have Been Created by God: The Failure of First Cause Arguments: 2. Occam's Razor: The Complexity of God and the Simplicity of the Natural Laws

God and Pronouns: God has No Gender

God Does Not Need Prayer, Prophets, Souls, Evangelists Nor Religion