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The Effects of Smoking on Health, in the following sections:

Why Are There So Many Religious People? Parents, Local Culture and Inertia, in the following sections:

Childhood Obesity is Nearly Always Caused by Poor Parental Choices, Not Genetics

Christianity and Child Abuse: Fatal Cases of Faith Healing and Exorcisms by Priests and Clergy

UK's Increasing Costs of Alcohol Over-use: 2. Young Adults and Children

Which are the Best Countries in Asia?: 8. Health

The United Kingdom Suffers as a Result of Poor National Health: 3.1. Adolescent Birth Rate

Denmark: 5. Denmark's Health

Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan): 5. Pakistan's Health

Kuwait (State of Kuwait): 5. Kuwait's Health

Greece (Hellenic Republic): 5. Greece's Health

Abraham's Attempted Sacrifice of His Son Isaac: Genesis 22:1-18 and Qur'an 37:99-113

Alcohol: The Social & Medical Effects and How to Combat Misuse: 4. Parenting

The United States of America: 5. USA's Health

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