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Types of Christianity in History: Who Were the First Christians?

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Docetism: Early Christianity of the 1st to 7th Century, in the following sections:

The Nasorean Mandaeans / Sabians

Refuting Missionaries [of Christianity]: 1.3. Yeishu ben Pandeira of the Notzrim Movement

The Crucifixion in the Bible's Gospels: Differences and Contradictions: 12. The Gospel of Peter

2 John - The 2nd Epistle of John

How Modern Christianity Began: The Cappadocian-Nicene-Pauline Roman Amalgamation

Arian Christianity (the Father is Greater than the Son): A Precursor to Modern Christianity

Gnosticism (1st-7th Century): The Birth of Christianity: 3.3. Docetism (1st - 7th Century)

Christian Marcionites: 2nd Century Christianity