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Blasphemy and Censorship: In Christianity and Islam, in the following sections:

India (Republic of India), in the following sections:

Blasphemy Laws in the UK, in the following sections:

Human Rights and Freedom in India, in the following sections:

Free Speech and Defamation of Religion, in the following sections:

  • 1. Free Speech Versus Blasphemy Laws
  • Top of page / intro

The Islamic Rejection of Human Rights and the Moral Failures of the Muslim World, in the following sections:

  • 7.1. Blasphemy and Censorship
  • 7. Free Speech

The Internet and Religion, in the following sections:

The Qur'an is Incomplete and Untrustworthy: 2.1. Were the 3 Meccan Pagan Gods Valid?

Why Question Beliefs? Dangers of Placing Ideas Beyond Doubt, and Advantages of Freethought: 1.6. Confronting Taboos and Blasphemy

Bangladesh (People's Republic of Bangladesh)

Hinduism: Fundamentalism and Violent Extremism: 1. Freedom of Belief in India

Freedom of Expression

Human Rights: 3.1. Free Speech

Islamic Violent Fundamentalism and Extremism: 2.2. The Lethal Consequences of Committing Blasphemy Against Islam (Intentionally or Not)

Christianity and Homosexuality: A Very Unhappy Story: 2. Censorship and Blasphemy

Satan (Shaitan, or Iblis) in Islam: 4. Satan's Voice in the Quran (The Satanic Verses)

Malta (Republic of Malta)

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